Wrapptor Website Coming Soon!

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Picture of New Wrapptor Website

Picture of New Wrapptor Website

Omni Portals is “Wrapping” up the Wrapptor website and will be opening the site to the public soon.

Wrapptor is a new product that Omni Portals is involved in introducing along with Product Designer, Lisa Roth.

The product is unique in that Wrapptor has available a carrying case that is fully  customizable  with the customer’s  favorite sports team, school or company. Just throw the carrying case on your back like a “back pack” and tote your “Wrapptor” anywhere!

Wrapptor also has a couture line that is more of a high end style for the style conscience customer.

If you would like more information on this product or Omni Portals services. Contact Ted Gregory here.

Agency design July 6th 2011

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